September 23, 2022 2 min read

Halloween is coming, you are still out of ideas and can't choose the right outfit for yourself. Refer to the following article on how to choose a Halloween costume, which will not only help you find a style to dress, but also fit your budget.

Find your own style

What style of clothes do you like to wear? Charming, Scary, Funny, Cute, Playful, Angry…

Your Halloween costume is one of the great excuses to predict a personality trait that you normally keep hidden from others, such as amusing, eccentric, and scary. .

Halloween costumes can also emphasize your personality that everyone knows and loves like goofy, bold or bright.
In finding your own style, you need to think about your everyday wear and comfortable clothes. This will make you think of a Halloween costume immediately.

If you usually wear a cute dress, a charming dress or a comfortable pair of jeans, you can combine them with more interesting things and create a unique Halloween costume.

For example, you can combine a cape with your usual jeans or wear a charming dress combined with an eye-catching and unique witch hat.

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What color do you usually wear?

You can choose according to the color of the clothes you usually wear.

If you like to wear black or dark colors, you won't like dressing up as a fairy in bright, fresh colors. A dark, seductive fairy would be the perfect choice.

You can also choose the dark Halloween costumes of mysterious and fanciful characters such as vampires, skeletons, dark witches, evil genius scientists...
If you like bright, cute costumes, consider costumes of pumpkins, elves, fairies, ghosts, rainbows, Disney princesses…

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The Halloween costumes worn before

Think about the Halloween costumes you wore a few years ago to see if they are still your favorite style, to create new costumes from these old ones.

You also don't have to wear what you normally wear, it's a novelty to wear something similar to someone else or an outfit that reflects your personality.

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Based on your preferences

What's your hobby? You can create a list of things you love like sports, cosplay, cooking, playing games, reading books, watching TV shows, etc.

If you love football, dress up like a famous soccer player. If you like a TV show or movie, dress up as your favorite character.
If you like animals or certain foods, dress up as your favorite pet or dessert. You can create and choose many suitable outfits based on the available list.

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Here are ways to find the right costume for this Halloween season. Hopefully with the sharing that we bring to you, you will have more new ideas about your costumes for Halloween.